The Pilot Connection

Abbotsford Junior Pilots

The Abbotsford Pilots are a junior “B” ice hockey team based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. They are members of the Harold Brittain Conference of the Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL). The Pilots play their home games at MSA Arena. Jack Goesen is the team’s president and general manager, Jim Cowden is the head coach.

When Jack Goesen was made aware of our aspiration to establish a Spring hockey program for local youth, he was more than happy to get onboard.  Allowing the program to use the Pilots name really got the kids excited.

Most of these kids have grown up with the Pilots logo that adorns center ice at MSA arena, literally under their feet.  The kids in the community are all familiar with the team, and to wear the Pilots jersey is a big deal!

The partnership with the Pilots has given the players a connection to the “big boys,” who they can see play right here in Abbotsford.  The affiliation has also given the program access to excellent coaching staff by means of former Pilots coaches and Team alumni.


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